Jordan’s frustration at not being allowed to treat patients reaches new heights this week and he takes an unprecedented risk while Adam’s out of the Emergency Department…

Adam leaves work to attend Lucas’ nativity play but he can’t find his pager and asks Jordan to call him if there’s an emergency.

Shortly afterwards the casualties from a coach crash come pouring into Holby and it’s all hands on deck. In Adam’s absence, Jordan gets stuck in and his confidence returns when he manages to save the life of one of the wounded survivors.

Adam returns to the ED only to witness Jordan operating on another patient. An angry Adam is forced to take over when it becomes clear Jordan has lost his skills as a surgeon and he’s depriving the patient’s brain of oxygen. Will he be sacked for breaching hospital rules and performing surgery uninsured?

Elsewhere, Joe McGann guests stars as Abe, a friend of Polly’s stalker, Alistair. Abe invites Polly to Alistair’s funeral and is delighted when she attends, telling her he knows she was the most important thing in Alistair’s life.

Polly’s furious when she realises Alistair told Abe she was his girlfriend, and angrily puts him right about what really happened – that Alistair abducted her at knifepoint and blackmailed her into telling him she loved him. But in her tirade, she inadvertently reveals she was at the train tracks and left him to die. Disgusted, Abe vows to tell the hospital, threatening Polly’s career.

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