Nick Jordan steps up his campaign to get rid of Adam. He continues to urge Henry to send Adam on compassionate leave as he’s terrified his rival will soon figure out just how ill he really is. Adam, meanwhile, remains oblivious to the depths of Jordan’s deviousness and is unaware Henry has him under observation.

Jessica’s plans for a home birth are dashed when her waters break and the midwife is unable to visit her at home as all the roads are blocked off. In the throes of labour, Jessica turns to her neighbour, H, to help her get to the hospital. H steals a car belonging to a policeman but he’s forced to pull over and help her deliver the baby on route. It’s a boy, who she names Harry after H.

Meanwhile, Jordan recommends the rest of the staff don’t mention Jessica’s labour to Adam. He then casually lets it slip to his co-worker in order to rattle him just before he meets with Henry. His evil plans works and Henry becomes increasingly convinced Adam’s emotionally unstable…

Also, Zoe decides Sharice would be better off living with her grandparents and she stops the adoption process.