There’s chaos as noisy building work, broken-down lifts and a power cut hit the department, and Nick Jordan and Adam clash over whether the ED can run effectively. Much to Adam’s disapproval, Jordan decides to perform a risky heart operation in the ED. With Ruth and Jay’s help, he pulls it off and the trio are elated. Later, Ruth and Jordan celebrate their success – together…

Snezana and Curtis are treating a drug user, and Snezana says that drug dealers should pay for ruining lives. With Snezana’s comment on his mind, Curtis goes to confront Tony about selling drugs, but Tony just goads Curtis, saying he will never admit to where he came from. When Alice asks him what’s up, he takes her to his brother’s grave and tells her all about his secret past.

Zoe has been forced to look after Sharice overnight as Abby has gone AWOL but Jessica says she should not get too involved. Zoe is furious when Abby eventually returns to pick up Sharice and reveals that she’s now back with her abusive partner, Finn. Later, Snezana accuses Abby of being the one who stole the money from her locker, and Zoe is forced to defuse the situation.

Also, Dixie confronts Jeff, asking him why he hadn’t told her his wife had chucked him out. But he snaps and tells Dixie that not everything in life is about her. And Toby struggles in the fast-moving ED.