Nick Jordan’s memory lapses get considerably worse. He zones out in the middle of a phone call from Henry and finds himself unable to move. Once he’s recovered he places an order for dementia medicine but doesn’t get a chance to take the tablets as a patient’s life hangs in the balance…

While trying to save the life of his patient, Jordan freezes up again – something that doesn’t go unnoticed by his arch rival Adam. After the patient dies, Adam – who is still grieving for his brother Alex – accuses Jordan of being unfit to practise. To protect himself, Jordan recommends Henry confines Adam to cubical duty until he recovers from Alex’s suicide.

Meanwhile, Jay tricks Kelsey into thinking she’s won £50,000. She books a trip to Thailand, tells everyone exactly what she thinks of them and resigns – before she discovers it’s a hoax!

Also, Curtis continues to shadow Alice to ensure she’s safe from Tony.