Jordan’s blast from the past!

Jordan’s fun-filled morning zipping around in his new sports car is soon curtailed when arrives at work and his boss Hanssen introduces him to the new member of staff he’ll be sharing he surgical duties with.

Miriam Turner (Cheryl Campbell) is not only Jordan’s old mentor from medical school, she’s the woman he soaked at the bus stop a few hours earlier while driving his new car!

It’s no surprise then when the surgeons immediately clash over the treatment of a pregnant Jehovah’s Witness in need of a blood transfusion.

Elsewhere, Jay turns on the charm offensive on an attractive patient, Candy, and asks her out.

When he is about to head off on his date, after struggling with pains in his groin all day, he quickly looks up testicular cancer on the Internet. His face turns ashen and he cancels his date with Candy.

Meanwhile, Kirsty’s dreams of being with Adam are shattered by the arrival of Cathy, Warren’s mum. Cathy knows all about the violence but she reminds Kirsty of her vows. Kirsty reluctantly puts a stop to things with Adam but it’s too late – Warren has woken from his coma and Cathy’s already told him…

Finding Adam, Warren warns him off but the effort takes its toll. When Kirsty finds Warren slumped on the floor and tries to help him, he punches her in the face. Finally realising that this is the final straw, Kirsty takes Nita and leaves. Unbeknown to her, though, her husband is taken back to resus with suspected DVT.