Jordan’s given some devastating news

While getting checked out by neurologist Frances Lively, Nick Jordan remains upbeat and even finds time for flirting. But later at his consultation she has devastating news – he’s got a brain tumour and possibly only months to live…

Ruth agonises over a date for the surgeon’s dinner and finally settles on offering Jay cash to accompany her! Cheeky pup that he is, this causes him no end of amusement. He teases Ruth mercilessly before agreeing to go – but only if she wears a certain slinky dress. At the end of the evening when he attempts to kiss her she is not amused.

Zoe’s exhausted from balancing motherhood with work. Her problems increase when she has to sack her childminder, Sue, whose young daughter has been hurting some of the children in her care.

Back on the ward, Zoe and Adam speculate about Jordan’s numerous mistakes recently and come to the conclusion he’s hit the bottle. Adam confronts Jordan about being a boozehound. This causes the stubborn leading consultant to change his mind about telling Henry about his illness. He decides to carry on working and recommends that Adam’s sent on compassionate leave…

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