Jordan’s illness is exposed!

While Zoe’s excited about her mini-break to Rome with Jordan, he’s suffering from more headaches and continuing to conceal his illness. Meanwhile his ally, Adam, is preoccupied with Jessica – she’s received two tickets to Saudi from Sean for her and Harry.

Ruth panics when she wakes up in Jay’s bed after the Surgeon’s Dinner. She does a runner and leaves cash for his companionship. Jay jumps out of the shower and runs after her – only to get locked out. He has to be rescued by Jeff and Dixie!

Later at work, Jordan announces that Ruth’s secured the surgical position. Her celebrations are marred by Jay’s anger. He’s furious for being treated like a male escort.

While treating a patient Jordan has a fit and begins choking on his own vomit. Shocked, Charlie and Zoe are on hand to help stabilise him but the emergency department is rife with gossip about the cause of his collapse…

Adam fixes it for Jessica to talk to Sean via webcam in a bid to trick her husband into revealing his whereabouts. Jessica’s maternal instinct kicks in when she sees her kids and, behind Adam’s back, she arranges to leave immediately for Saudi. Adam races to the airport to stop her but can’t change her mind.

Jay returns Ruth’s money, telling her he was just happy to be her date. She knows she’s blown it and ends up leaving her celebratory drinks early in an emotional state.

Zoe discovers Jordan has a brain tumour and has been aware of his condition for some time. She tells him she can’t be there for him…