An important royal patient arrives at hospital when Princess Sophie Al-Wahiri, the wife of a middle-eastern prince, is injured after an incident with the paparazzi.

While operating Jordan discovers a second injury that suggests she won’t be able to produce an heir for the prince, who is devastated. Then when Sophie’s condition declines further, Director of Surgery Henrik Hanssen blames Jordan!

Jordan, however, proves himself by successfully rectifying the princess’s problem. When the happy prince then showers gifts upon Jordan, hailing him a hero, it ends up leaving a bitter taste in Hanssen’s mouth…

Elsewhere, Lenny unintentionally insults Mads when he slaps her on the bottom. Mads is horrified and makes a formal complaint. But later it turns out to be joke at Lenny’s expense!

Jay struggles with caring for his Nan and his busy work schedule. When she falls near the cooker, Jay has to seriously consider alternatives for her well-being.