Jordan’s killer cover-up

Jordan prepares to report Robert and his involvement in the drug trial, which has been causing the Cryptococcus deaths – until Robert reveals exposure will put an end to Holby’s Centre of Excellence and the JAFA Fellowship.

Meanwhile, Lenny is determined to find the Crypto culprits.

Philip Jackson – best known as dogged detective Chief Inspector Japp in ITV1’s Poirot – guest stars this week as a prison guard called Royson. His last day in the job before his retirement turns out to be hellish. He and younger colleague Arun have to accompany inmate Jackson to the ED after he’s stabbed, but as he rides with the prisoner in the ambulance, Arun’s escort car is struck by a lorry and Royson suspects an escape attempt.

Once at the hospital Adam is put on edge when he discovers Jackson killed his entire family. Sensing Adam’s got a problem with him, Jackson wastes no time winding up the troubled medic. But far from having further adverse effect, Adam reflects on Harry’s death and begins to confront his grief.

Jordan makes a shocking discovery – Jay is one of the clinical trial patients and could be in deadly danger! Will he expose the dangerous clinical trial?