Jordan’s killer crash!

The gang are ringing in the New Year – all except Jordan, whose mind is on a big meeting with Henry and the board the following day, when he hopes to secure a top surgical job. Jordan’s livid when his driver doesn’t turn up to take him to the meeting and he decides to drive himself, despite being banned because of his brain tumour.

It’s a decision with fatal consequences. He’s involved in a car accident and a young skateboarder dies.

Ruth’s New Year is equally unhappy when she loses a patient as the clock turns midnight. Mads and Jay attempt to comfort the headstrong doctor, but soon she’s upset them both and alienated herself even further from her co-workers, finally losing all of Jay’s respect and friendship.

Noel encourages his colleagues to make a New Year’s resolution.

By the time Jordan makes it to his meeting with Henry word has gotten out about the accident. Henry insists he needs a safer surgeon. The surgical position is no longer open to Jordan.

Elsewhere, award-winning actress and star of Butterflies, Wendy Craig, guest stars as Verity, a former spy who suspects she’s been poisoned by an old flame.