Jo’s business is at risk

Terry and Jamie are furious with Jo when Environmental Health suggest that her goat’s cheese may have caused the E.coli. Jo is horrified to hear about it and rushes to the hospital to see TJ but Terry refuses to listen to Jo’s insistence that her cheese isn’t to blame. Jo is nervous when Environmental Health investigate Butler’s Farm to pinpoint the source and Andy tries to calm her worries, insisting that he believes her when she says it’s not her fault.

Gray is stunned when old friend Richard turns up and reveals that he is acting for Perdy in her divorce proceedings. Richard warns Gray that it would be best to settle things out of court and he gives Gray Perdy’s address, suggesting that Gray talk to her. Gray is thoughtful but realises it will mean going behind Katie’s back.

Lily inspires Belle to begin selling organic manure as a money-making scheme. Back at the Dingles’, Zak admits to a shortfall on Belle’s tuition fees, and Belle reveals her idea to start up a manure business. Lisa is doubtful her scheme will work but doesn’t have the heart to tell her.

Also, Pearl winds Betty and Lily up about who she is taking on the cruise.