Joseph and Linden fight over Faye

Faye finds herself yet again caught up in the rivalry between her estranged husband Joseph Byrne and current boyfriend Linden Cullen. When Faye discovers that the baby she’s carrying is a boy, father-to-be Joseph urges her to have a test for Lowes disease, which she could potentially pass on to the child. But Linden’s own belief is that it doesn’t matter whether the baby is ill or not – he will be loved none the less.

As tensions flare between the two doctors, Faye decides to take matters into her own hands and reminds the men that this baby is hers – she will decide what’s best. In the end, the troubled nurse decides against the test, leaving Joseph fuming. Will Faye and Linden’s relationship cope with his continued presence?

Meanwhile, Michael and Annalese attempt to save their marriage, but is it too late? And Oliver rebuilds bridges with sister Penny.