A distressed Faye calls Joseph saying she needs help and when his phone battery dies, tech-savvy Linden steps in so that Joseph can resume contact with Faye. But when Joseph expresses little interest in helping her, Linden takes a call from Faye, who reveals she’s in Cape Town, and sets off to find her. Suffering an attack of conscious, Joseph joins Linden on his journey to South Africa.

Joseph frustrates Linden; he’s annoyed that Joseph now wants to play the hero and he’s a terrible driver. Linden and Joseph discover that Faye was married to a man named Lucas, and was heard crying about ‘Archie’ before being taken by a man, Johnny Boy. Linden and Joseph arrive in the township looking for Faye, when a little girl is shot. As the pair battle to save the girl, Linden reveals he has a daughter.

After almost being killed and having their car trashed, Linden and Joseph finally catch up with Faye who explains that Archie is her son, who was being looked after in Greenlands care home as he suffers from Lowe Syndrome. Faye reveals that ex-husband Lucas brought Archie to Cape Town for an operation she doesn’t want him to have. During theatre, Archie suffers complications and Joseph steps in to save him.

Although everything is resolved, Linden is bitter. He wanted to be Faye’s hero, but he’s also saddened for betraying his late wife, Olivia.