As Jac prepares to make her ‘announcement’, Joseph’s freaking out, fearing she’s going to reveal she’s pregnant – with his baby – and realises he must tell Faye he slept with Jac before she finds out the hard way. When Joseph’s OCD returns and starts affecting his work, he is forced to tell Linden his problems, and Linden lets Joseph leave early to confess to Faye.

But Faye has left a message – she’s gone to the bar as she can’t wait to hear Jac’s news! Joseph reaches her just in time and blurts out that he and Jac had a one-night stand. Horrified, Faye realises Joseph may be the father of Jac’s baby. Meanwhile, at the bar, Jac prepares to make her big announcement…

Elsewhere, Frankie’s dad, Mr Moore, is furious when he learns he has to pay for his son’s gastric band. He tells Connie he is going to make a complaint and storms off. Later, Frankie suffers a relapse forcing Ric and Connie to settle their differences and work together to save him. But will Mr Moore see sense?

Also, Chrissie returns to cover a shift on HolbyCare. And Rachel is beside herself with worry when Daisha goes missing with baby Joe. Will Daisha admit she needs help before it’s too late?