Joseph finds Archie’s killer!

Over the last few weeks, Joseph has pieced together the mystery of his step son Archie’s death. Knowing that Faye’s son was killed by a fatal dose of potassium, the sleuth-like surgeon has narrowed it down to only one potential source – ICU nurse Lauren.

Determined to prove Lauren mistakenly administered the potassium, Joseph is warned by boss Vanessa to stay away from his suspect or face a suspension for bullying. Knowing that there’s little he can do, Joseph has no choice but to apologise to Lauren, explaining his belief that Archie’s death was a tragic accident.

Just as Joseph accepts defeat, it’s clear that Lauren’s starting to realise that her mistake on that fateful day is to blame for Archie’s death…

Meanwhile, Judith and Penny clash when heart transplant hopeful Scott is brought back to the hospital and the junior doctor bends the rules for her favourite patient.

Elsewhere, Michael struggles with handling the robotics equipment.