Joseph loses his nerve

Divorce is calling for the Lord and his Lady; Lord Byrne begins proceedings for a final split from Lady Byrne. Meanwhile, he’s pulling strings for Jac to get Diane’s old position. Joseph reacts badly because he’s frustrated that his father has never tried to help him in the same way.

But when Lord Byrne passes out after a stroke, Jac comes to the rescue by treating him while Joseph’s emotions get the better of him. Joseph goes ahead with an operation on his dad, but runs out when Lord Byrne takes a turn for the worse.

Elsewhere, Elliot gets an emotional call when he’s asked to identify a body that could belong to his son, James. Before heading off, he asks Maddy to call off his afternoon seminar at a racial awareness course. But Maddy is overpowered by someone’s mistaken assumption that she is Elliot and takes part in the seminar herself. When Jayne finds out, she starts disciplinary proceedings against Maddy – only to be defended by Elliot when he returns.

Also, Abra warns Ric that Thandie is bad news.