Joseph risks everything…

Joseph plays a dangerous game in the pursuit of trying to prove his wife Faye’s innocence. Knowing that things look bad for Faye, suspected of the mercy killing of her son Archie, Joseph decides to fight the system from the inside to obtain evidence that will prove Faye had nothing to do with her son’s death. A mystery source at the coroner’s office has agreed to supply Joseph with copies of Archie’s notes, but at a price.

In order to get his hands on the notes, Joseph is forced to use his family connections to arrange a promotion for the unseen informant – risking his job and threatening to make Faye’s case worse. With the notes obtained, will Joseph be able to prove that Faye had nothing to do with Archie’s death – and will anybody listen?

Meanwhile, Chrissie is left fuming when she discovers that her dad Mark has been earmarked for redundancy. Matters are made worse when CEO Vanessa reveals that the possible laying off of Mark is a consequence of Matron Judith’s assessments. Can Judith explain why she’s involved in suggesting Mark for the scrap heap?

Also: Penny’s heart op patient Scott takes a turn for the worse – will he find a transplant in time? And Linden suggests to daughter Holly that she takes some work experience at the hospital. Will she follow in her dad’s footsteps?