Joseph’s jealousy takes over

Jealousy and suspicion get the better of Joseph when he catches Faye finishing a phone call upon his arrival. Quick to ask who she was in a hurry to get rid of, Joseph is left unconvinced when she assures him it was her father. Despite her showing him her phone for proof, Joseph’s still unsure as to whether he can trust his wife.

Later, Joseph’s imagination starts ticking over when he treats a woman who is convinced that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. When he tries to discuss his patient with Faye, he’s further disturbed to discover that she’s inclined to defend the boyfriend from accusations. As Joseph begins to operate on the young woman, tensions flare in theatre and the normally level-headed surgeon loses his rag with his wife. Are the pair doomed?

Elsewhere, Ric is having to defend himself when a story about him is splashed across the local papers, exposing his recent treatment of Donna’s father. In a crisis of confidence, Ric pulls himself out of the race to become Director of Surgery.

Meanwhile, Penny is keen to impress Ric with a procedure on a patient that will boost her surgical portfolio. But while Penny’s focused on her own gains, her patient is increasingly frustrated – pointing out that she’s a person, not a point-scoring opportunity.