Josh and Amber uncover a shocking secret

Naomi has a go at Brennan for his chat with Dimato, but he explains he can’t get away with threatening her. Brennan then speaks to Phil, a cook working for Dimato, and doesn’t realise he’s being watched. Naomi comes to apologise to Brennan and there’s a thaw between them. But when they discover Phil’s been fired – after talking to Brennan – Naomi tells Brennan to stop interfering.

After finding some film during his community service, Josh suggests Amber process the film. Amber is wary of his intentions but asks Daniel if she can borrow his gear. Daniel agrees and secretly sets the dark room up for Amber as a thoughtful gesture. As Amber sets down to work Josh arrives for a visit and the pair discover the processed pictures are of a couple kissing, with a dead body in the background…

Sonya pushes Erin to ask Cat to stay with her for a few nights. Convinced Cat will say no, Erin nevertheless takes the plunge. Surprisingly, Cat is into the idea and agrees to ask her foster parents. Erin is left crying happy tears and Sonya’s ecstatic.