Josh finds his desire to get back with Amy is hampered, first by Mike Barnes, and then Michaela. Meanwhile, Amy is equally dying to see Josh and when she turns up at Josh’s house, they get back together. Amy’s so thrilled, she wants to tell the world, including her dad, and against Josh’s better judgment, she breaks the news to Mike Barnes. But when he freaks out, she decides they’ll have to take drastic action to be together…

Jessica and Zak try to get Zoe back into the swing of Uni life with a party. But the bash is interrupted by the surprise appearance of Zoe’s Dad, who’s not too happy at finding Zoe in a compromising position with Zak, and tells his daughter that he and her Mum want her home.

Katy persuades Justin to fake an accident in order to fool Clare into giving them the night off. But Clare sees right through their charade and decides to play them at their own game, sending them home and pretending Warren is away for the night. However, when Warren turns up, she puts the cat among the pigeons by telling him to go straight home, hoping he’ll catch Justin and Katy in the act.

*Screened on TV3, Monday June 25*