Josh and Daniel take a paternity test

After fainting, Amber is relieved that it was only a mild dizzy spell but Josh goes with her to the hospital to have further tests. On her return home, Amber and Daniel reassure each other of their love, while Josh admits to Imogen that he never stopped loving Amber. Suddenly Amber realises the only way out of this mess is to know who the father of her child is. Daniel and Josh take the paternity test.

Believing nothing will get through to Clem, Susan is surprised when the boy turns up on her doorstep – he has spoken to his father and now believes that Ezra may have assaulted Chloe.

Paul finally succumbs to jealousy and tells Brennan that Naomi is a can-do woman, the type that doesn’t want to be rescued all the time, so maybe he should take her on a date where he can teach her something. Happy, Brennan goes off to plan a date at a car mechanics course and Paul is content in the knowledge that the date will be a disaster.