Josh and Dave take the heat off of India!

Dave’s trying to persuade India to come out on the money they’ve been given, but it’s hard work. At the SU Bar, Rhys tries to seduce India and Hayley intervenes to tell India there is something nasty written in the toilets about her. While Charlotte is comforting India, Josh and Dave mince back in wearing her clothes and suddenly all eyes are on them. Hayley leaves after unsuccessfully trying it on with Josh, and Rhys follows her. Josh is horrified when he comes home to find Rhys and Hayley kissing…

Mercedes and Malachy are interrupted by a message from Calvin ordering them to get to work. At The Loft, Spencer finds an envelope full of cash left by Dave to pay for yesterday’s shenanigans. But Calvin tells Spencer he doesn’t need mates like Dave.

Sasha suggests Malachy flirt with punters to keep them at the bar. Mercedes tries to get Malachy’s attention by flirting with other men, but doesn’t get the jealous reaction she’d wanted. Meanwhile, Calvin turns up and Sasha decides to get dolled up and compete with Mercedes. When they get home, Mercedes tries to seduce Malachy but she’s left frustrated…

Also; Rhys is worried that he’s lost his mojo after hearing some truths from Sasha.

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