Andy tells Josh it’s time he rings Maddy and sorts things out. Roo advises Maddy to patch things up with Josh. She explains that she views Spencer as family – like him and Andy. But Josh begins questioning why they are together.

Heath and Bianca have an awkward run-in with Ricky and Nate, but Bianca’s determined to make things normal. Casey reads a letter from Brax, telling the brothers to back off – he doesn’t want to see them. Casey gives the letter to his brothers and they’re all disheartened. However, Casey has an idea for Brax’s appeal – if they can get Adam to testify that Brax was a juvenile when the crime occurred.

A concerned Phoebe tells Bianca that Kyle is not the guy she used to know – he’s so intense. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Jess, the girl Heath slept with in Melbourne – and she’s pregnant!

John questions Irene about what she looks for in a good man. Irene thinks John is planning something romantic for Marilyn, and Marilyn agrees. Meanwhile, John thinks he’s found the perfect man to date Irene. He describes him as a diamond to Chris, and Marilyn overhears. She rushes to Irene – John was talking about diamonds! He’s going to propose.