Joshua doesn’t know it, but he’s heartbroken from his break-up with Amber, and as a result, he’s struggling to focus on his swimming. Brad is worried, suggesting Joshua postpone his follow-up interview with the West Waratah Star in order to get another training session in at the pool. But Joshua decides to go ahead with the interview and is surprised when Ruby, the journalist, has a lot more than articles on her mind. She’s keen to form a ‘no strings attached’ relationship with Joshua.

Georgia makes a conscious decision to get back to work and go on performing. Although she pretends to be supportive, Gem finds her cousin’s resilience infuriating. It would be far more satisfying for Gem if Georgia were miserable.

Gem finally gets what she wants when Kyle makes an unexpected appearance at Georgia’s gig. Unable to perform with Kyle in the room, Georgia leaves the stage in tears. Wanting to isolate Georgia, Gem suggests they both go overseas and start anew. Gem is pleased when Georgia at least agrees to think about it.

Imogen is encouraged when Mason confides that any residual feelings he had for Kate have been extinguished by the reveal of her one night stand with Kyle and him realising she was never that into him.