Coronation Street spoilers: Josh approaches David but furious David is ready for him…

Josh confronts David in the backyard of the Rovers but after a heartbreaking encounter with Shona, David is at breaking point

Shona demands answers from David but he can’t tell her the truth so asks her to leave. Roy agrees to let a devastated Shona stay with him and Carla. Meanwhile, Josh tries to intimidate David in the Rovers backyard. Will anyone come to his rescue?

The police, Beth and Bethany try to persuade Craig to let them in. Bethany manages to get in via the balcony fire door but finds Craig in a teared frenzy conducting his rituals as the police burst in. Maria suggests he might have OCD and they persuade him to go and see the doctor who agrees to refer him.

Chesney is horrified when Dev accidently breaks the zip of his costume, trapping him in a giant fish suit and has to call Gina to help get him out. Aidan and Rosie tell Sophie that the reason she didn’t get the restaurant job was because the manager gave it to his girlfriend.

Second episode of the evening,