Josh ignores Evelyn’s calls as more guests arrive at his party. When Andy finds out what’s happened he heads off to talk to his brother. Josh arrives back at the share house, and tells Ricky he won’t be attending his own party. Later, he tells Andy he’s upset by their mum’s voicemail as she always promised him an 18th birthday party, but Andy tells him to move on.

Alf confesses to Maria that every time he thinks about the night he lost 12 men, the horrible memories come flooding back. He even admits that he didn’t want to be in the war and feels like a failure. Maria assures him, he’s anything but a failure and the pair agree that Alf has had a major breakthrough.

Kyle is putting the plans in place for Brax’s escape but Ash notices he’s on edge. At the party, Ricky tells Denny that Kyle has been a godsend with the baby. When Ash overhears the conversation, he tells Kyle he’ll drive the escape car for Brax; Ricky needs him more. As they agree, Ash dumps Denny.