Josh is worried about Doug and Amber is desperate to cheer him up. So at their birthday party she reveals a memory book she made for Josh – chronicling their relationship. Josh is touched and they enjoy their first glass of champagne together. But later, Josh appears to have had a bit too much champagne and collapses in the crowded room.

Brennan is forced to defend his decision to allow Sienna to stay at his house, she’s an old friend and he’s convinced there’s no way she could’ve had anything to do with Kate’s death. Matt, meanwhile, is having trouble confirming Sienna’s alibi. Sienna maintains her innocence, but later, she reveals to a friend that she’s lying about losing her job, and is staying in Erinsborough because Brennan really needs her…

Imogen’s preoccupied with making sure she looks good for her birthday party – largely for Brennan’s benefit. Things are still awkward with Daniel, after she ran over his skateboard, so when Amber invites Daniel to the party, Imogen pretends she’s fine with it.

But when Daniel offers the vintage dress he bought for her to Amber, she’s surprisingly envious of having another girl wear it. Wanting to make amends, Imogen presents Daniel with a new skateboard, but Daniel won’t accept her peace offering.