After formally confessing to Matt that he hit Chris, Josh fills in his stunned family. He insists on accepting full responsibility and despite support from Imogen and surprisingly Amber, he’s inconsolable. Meanwhile, Kyle and Georgia hear of his confession, and apologise to Nate for doubting him. Trying to make things right, Josh visits Chris, but is shut down by Kyle. When he is formally charged, the enormity of what’s ahead of him hits home.

Knowing Josh walked away from Chris after he hit him, Terese refuses to believe her son is responsible for Chris’s terrible injury. She eventually locks onto Nate, after learning he and Chris fought earlier in the evening. Driven by desperation, she makes a final appeal to Lauren to convince Matt to look more closely at Nate as a suspect.

Amber and Daniel worry their engagement announcement may be responsible for Josh’s actions against Chris. Daniel apologises to Lauren and Matt for the impromptu announcement. But believing the notion is completely ridiculous, Matt shuts Daniel down; there will be no talk and definitely no wedding between him and Amber.