Josh is in shock after seeing Amber kissing Daniel and puts himself through a punishing exercise routine. When Amber finally hunts him down, he can barely even look at her. Searching for answers, Josh turns to Daniel whose attempt to explain things only exacerbates Josh’s feelings of betrayal. Later, Daniel turns up at the dark room and finds Josh trashing the place.

Imogen is horrified by Amber’s betrayal of her brother, and wants nothing to do with her. Amber returns home to her family, but even their support offers little comfort.

Paige is taking advantage of the opportunity to get to know Kathy – the woman responsible for giving her away. Paige, however, is affronted when Lauren offers Kathy an olive branch and can’t help feeling betrayed. As Lauren opens up the two women finally take the first small steps towards reconciliation. Later, when Kathy turns up to thank Paige for her support, her show of affection and kindness momentarily throws the younger woman off balance.


Later, Kathy promises Lauren that they will find her little girl, no matter what it takes. And to this end, Kathy secretly employs the services of a private investigator.