Josh confronts Rhys and Beth

Michaela is in shock after seeing Rhys and Beth kissing and, as a result, tries to avoid Josh in the village. However, when he finally confronts her, Michaela tells him what she’s seen. At first, he doesn’t believe her, but after watching Beth and Rhys in the kitchen, notices a closeness between them that goes beyond sibling affection. Josh confronts Rhys and Beth, but Rhys denies everything, feigning disgust and accusing Michaela of being a druggie. And when Beth adds that Michaela is bitter over Rhys dumping Mercedes, Josh backs down. When John-Paul confesses that he’s worried Michaela has lied about the drugs, Kieron encourages him to have more belief in his little sister. Meanwhile, John-Paul is still clearly feeling left out by Kris and Kieron’s pals act, but Kieron reassures him that they’re just friends. Lauren is delighted that Elliot has fallen for the UFO-sighting prank but Newt feels guilty. And when Elliot agrees to help them with their physics coursework, Newt feel even worse. However, when Elliot fails to turn up, an annoyed Newt and Lauren start plotting revenge… Also, when Sarah joins a delighted Elliot under the stars to watch for UFOs, Elliot finally plucks up the courage to tell Sarah his true feelings. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip