Maddy neglects to tell Roo about the drink spiking. Josh tells Maddy that he shouldn’t have stuck up for Andy but Maddy tells him that they’re finished. Later, Ricky agrees to go with Maddy to report the drink spiking. When Maddy tells Ricky she’s upset that Josh betrayed her, Ricky points out that people often do the wrong thing for their family.

The police call Josh in, but Andy pointedly tells them Josh doesn’t know anything. A police officer arrives to tell Maddy that Andy has been released. Roo slams Ricky, telling her that she should have told Roo what happened. Josh meets up with Andy and disowns him. Elsewhere, Andy asks Maddy to forgive Josh, and Maddy does.

Ricky comes in for a check-up and when Nate finds the baby’s heartbeat is irregular Ricky is faced with a harsh reality. That night, Ricky decides to tell Brax about the baby.

Jett hopes to talk John into making a romantic gesture for Marilyn but realises John is scared of messing things up. Marilyn speaks to John and they decide to embrace the relationship. Marilyn apologises to Roo for not telling her about the getting together with John. Later, Roo realises it’s time to say goodbye to Harvey.