Josh fears he’s lost Amber

Already fearing that Amber sees him differently now that he’s no longer a swimmer, Josh finds her withdrawing further. He wants to believe Imogen’s assurance that Amber is just behind in her school work and therefore busy, but the more time he spends with Amber, the more she backs away. To Josh, it seems his fears are being realised.

Tension is rife in the Willis and Turner households as the Willises struggle to look after Josh. Meanwhile, Lauren confesses to the Willises, and Terese is furious. Taking the bull by the horns, she pleads with Amber not to tell Josh and she reluctantly agrees – which only serves to make her feel even more removed from her boyfriend.

As Kathy tries to make Lou understand why she took the action she took, he’s surprisingly understanding – but insists she should just go. However, Kathy surprises everyone by offering to buy the house for Lauren.

Kate comes to Brennan and lays down the law – they can only be friends. Feeling for Kate, Georgia takes a further step towards mending their fractured friendship, claiming she needs help organising the charity drive – help Kate is only too happy to give.