Josh feels betrayed

Still reeling after Amy’s revelation about Leah, Josh feels betrayed that his mum knew about Amy’s baby, but didn’t tell him. In an attempt to cheer her son up, Suzanne books a last-minute family holiday to France. However, before Josh sets off across the channel, he requests a chat with Amy, and is surprised when Amy informs him she wants them to be together and raise baby Leah.

John-Paul is seriously regretting writing a letter to Frankie and races down to The Dog to try to intercept his note before Frankie opens it. He is relieved to see that Frankie hasn’t yet sorted through her post, but has a race on his hands to reach the letter before her…

Hannah worries when Suzanne announces her plan for a French family holiday, especially when Melissa warns her that it’s going to be difficult avoiding all that fattening French food. With Melissa’s support, Hannah asks Suzanne if she can stay at home and her mum reluctantly agrees.

Also, when Aleksander tells Tony he’s passed the interview to be a taxi driver, Tony informs him he can clean the flat to earn his upkeep before he starts his new job.

*Screened on TV3, Tuesday August 21*