Coronation Street spoilers: As Josh starts getting close to Ayla, David has second thoughts about reporting the attack to the police

Josh gets one up on vulnerable David again when he starts flirting with an oblivious Alya

David is concerned when Josh invites Chesney back to his house for lunch and is unable to bring himself to warn Chesney, instead taking out his frustration on an oblivious Gary and Sarah. Storming round to the garage later he tells Josh he is going to report him to the police but Josh tells him he will prove he has a girlfriend to make David’s claims less believable and then begins flirting with Alya.

Will Mary and Tracy keep Jude’s secret from Angie? Or will they be too appalled by his deception?

Craig is furious that Bethany has talked to the police about him, but Beth assures him she meant no harm and is just looking out for him.

Gary tells Sarah he plans to be part of his baby’s life. Michelle scoffs when Robert says that Ali has the hots for Carla.

Second episode of the evening.