The police and Mike swoop in, and Josh is arrested by the police and taken into custody, where the police plan to question him about his attack on Mike. But he manages to call Rhys, who convinces Josh to give the police a false alibi and tell them he was playing computer games with him and Gilly at the time of the attack. Rhys and Gilly are brought in for questioning and provide Josh with a shaky alibi, but Josh worries it might not be enough to keep him out of trouble.

Steph believes Jake’s story that he fell asleep in the same bed as Nancy, but the incident prompts her to hatch a plan to find Nancy a boyfriend and sets Nancy and Zak up on a date.

Zoe is still struggling to get over her ordeal with Will and freaks out when Zak frightens her in Halls. She’s appeased when Zak makes things up to Zoe by taking her out for a drink. They end up in The Dog where Zoe starts to drink too much and, unimpressed when Darren makes one too many cracks about Will, ends up lashing out at Darren and Zak.

*Screened on TV3, Thursday June 28*