Amber wrestles with how and when to break up with Joshua. Meanwhile, a boy from school, Jayden, has admired the skate stunts Joshua’s filmed and put online. Jayden later shows up seriously injured after trying to copy one of Josh’s stunts. Just as Amber’s summoned the courage to end things with Josh, he learns the police want to speak to him. Amber’s attempt is thwarted – and Josh is in serious trouble…

Naomi is desperate to leave Erinsborough but without any money she’s hit rock bottom and confides in Kyle how hurt she is over Sheila’s accusations about her father’s death. Toadie tells Sheila that even though he understands her anger, she’s gone too far and owes Naomi an apology.

Sheila does indeed give her daughter one, and it looks like a potential reconciliation is on the cards, until Sheila hands her a cheque. It’s the money Naomi needs to get out of town. Stunned, Naomi rips up the cheque, she will not be bought off by her mother.

Paige’s hurt over being excluded from the Turner family collage, and Brennan’s fastidious housekeeping rules are making things worse. Her feelings are only exacerbated when she sees Lauren and Amber sharing a loving mother/daughter moment. When she finally snaps, Brennan knows just the therapy.