Josh gives Andy a fake alibi

Worried that his brother is responsible for Jake’s death, Josh goes to the police and gives Andy a fake alibi. Emerson doesn’t believe Josh, but he lets Andy leave the station without being charged. Later, Emerson announces the police are dropping the case, as there are no concrete leads. With the investigation over, Brax visits Casey’s grave.

Kyle is struggling without Phoebe since she packed her bags and moved to the Caravan Park. The two admit they miss each other, but Phoebe needs more time to figure things out, as she still feels uncomfortable living with the Braxtons.

Maddy hides all her shopping purchases from Roo in Phoebe’s caravan. She then lies to Oscar, telling him that she has come clean to Roo about stealing her credit card. Later, Oscar tells Roo to ask Maddy about her credit card. Roo confronts Maddy and she apologises, but it’s too late.

The Palmers are excited about becoming a family, but Marilyn isn’t so excited about changing her name. As they sign the adoption papers, Jett warns John that Marilyn may not want to be a Palmer in name….