Josh has devastating news for Evelyn

Greg tells Andy that he has spoken to the education department and Josh has completed his HSC exams. Later, when the specialist arrives, Andy is floored to learn that Josh is blind. When Evelyn hears the news, she tells Leah and Zac she wants to help Josh recover and will defer university. When she goes back to the hospital, she helps Josh practice his writing. However, he writes: “YOUR FAULT.” The words leave Evelyn devastated.

Nate is floored to see his father standing at the front door. Ricky apologises and asks Nate to give his father a chance. Nate and Gavin talk about his medical career, but Nate can’t keep up the pretense and tells Gavin he was a useless father.

Alf and Roo come to blows when he finds her reading a letter from James. In order to take Roo’s mind off the lying doctor for good, he offers her a holiday.