Mrs Tembe calls Josh to say she’s looking forward to seeing him in Church unaware that he’s being loaded into a police car, having failed to provide Rob with an alibi for the night before when a woman was raped. At the station, Rob tries to question Josh, who fits the description of the attacker, even down to his jacket. As Josh goes to use the toilet, Jimmi arrives to hand in the medical report for rape victim Lauren Baiden and spots Josh… and guesses why he’s there.

Mrs Tembe is saddened to hear from Jimmi that Josh has been arrested – she’d thought he was making real progress. But as they talk, Mrs Tembe realises that the attack was last night and if that’s the case then Josh has an alibi – he was with her! Mrs Tembe demands Jimmi take her to the police station, where she has a go at Rob for jumping to conclusions and demands that Josh be released. When Rob questions if she’s lying for him, Mrs Tembe has to defend herself and Josh!

Mrs Tembe explains she’s been helping Josh in his time of need, but Rob refuses to apologise – after all, if Josh had given her name as his alibi, he wouldn’t have been arrested. Josh explains to Mrs Tembe that he didn’t want to drag her into the muck of his life, and talks about his ‘never ending’ sentence, then hurries off. Mrs Tembe is moved by his vulnerability when Jimmi asks her if she thinks she’s really helping Josh – she hopes she is, but privately, she fears he may be right.

Also, after her Grandmother survived a Nazi Concentration Camp, a history student is thrilled to find her old wartime diary. But as the student and her boyfriend receive some exciting news, the past threatens to ruin their future – can Emma help?