Josh leaves the flat after an argument with Ste and heads to The Dog, where Rhys has to explain their parents won’t be around for his birthday. A resentful Josh soon turns nasty and the jibes start to flow.

Amy tracks Josh down and encourages him to make amends with his family. Mistaking her concern for something more; Josh leans in for a kiss. Spurning his advances, Amy puts him straight. Josh apologises to Rhys and Gilly, however, India’s appearance heralds a return to his dark mood.

Leo has a twinkle in his eye after spending the night with Myra and announces to Calvin he’s cooking a family meal. Lauren upsets Sasha when she refuses to attend the meal if Gaz isn’t invited. Calvin suggests to Leo that they should kill the relationship with kindness. Leo agrees and takes great delight in watching a puce Gaz splutter his way through a very spicy family meal.

Also; Jaqui, Mercedes and Michaela soon come round to the idea of moving to places of their own after receiving a compulsory purchase order. But all the sisters agree that they will be behind Myra whatever she decides. Finally Myra decides she’s going to stay put.

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