Josh is forced to confront his feelings

When Josh learns that Laura Merriman is due to stand trial, memories of the time she stabbed him come flooding back. Then, when a young boy, Mes, is stabbed, Josh visualises his own attack all over again and starts hyperventilating. Dixie takes Josh to the ED, and he panics when Devika sees his scar. Forced to confront his feelings, Josh asks Devika to marry him again…

Meanwhile, Toby treats Mes with a new blood gas machine, being trialled by Harry to cut costs. When Mes dies in surgery, Harry cancels the trial. But Marilyn Fox warns Harry that he must now find other ways to make cuts in the department – and he’s stunned to learn that he may have to lose either Tess or Charlie.

Also, a juvenile prank backfires on Kelsey.

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