Joshua is going out of his way to respect Chris’s wishes and steer clear. But, unbeknownst to Chris, Joshua tries and save Chris’s job, which is under threat at the garage. But Joshua’s gallant actions become more self-sacrificing than he could have imagined when disaster strikes.

Toadie is unsettled by the mystery letter about Sonya’s past, and tries to uncover the culprit with the support of Brennan. He probes Sheila for information on Naomi’s whereabouts, wondering if she’s up to her old tricks again. But when hits a brick wall, he’s forced to confront a more troubling scenario of who might be out to cause trouble for him and Sonya.

Daniel and Amber desperately want their own place together, so Paul attempts to fast-track his nephew to corporate success. But Sheila tells him he’s pushing Daniel into a world he’s not cut out for. Putting aside his own disappointment, Paul presents his laid back nephew with an alternative career opportunity working at the bar.