Ravi, Calvin and Darren take centre stage at Jem’s Greek God Charity Auction, as the crowd of baying women bid desperately to get their hands on them. But mayhem ensues when Josh finds out Rhys spent the night with India and loses it, sending Rhys crashing to the floor. After being ostracised by his family and hurt by his brother’s betrayal, Josh starts drinking and is left unconscious in a dark alleyway.

Gilly’s put out when Jem doesn’t ask him to be one of her Greek Gods and she seems to be focusing all her attention on a buff Ravi. Steph starts to feel guilty when she sees their relationship falling apart.

Zak insists on having drinks with the lads to celebrate his engagement. Although they’re concerned he’s in denial over Caleb’s death, the boys rally round to support their friend and head to the SU Bar.

Also, Kris tries to get Zak to open up, but he’s not ready to talk and quickly shuts down, before asking Kris an important question. The lads are in high spirits but Zak completely loses it when Archie suggests a toast to his brother as the reality of Caleb’s death finally hits home.

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