Josh is told he will never compete again

Josh and Amber reconcile, and he opts to spend time with her instead of going to a specialist appointment with his mum and dad. Terese and Brad get the bad news – Josh won’t compete again. When Josh finally heads home to face the music, he’s crushed. Angry, he accuses Terese and Brad of not supporting him and he vows to make the next Games on his own.

After Rebecca spends the night with Paul, she’s worried she’s made a mistake. But Paul proposes that she stays in Erinsborough. She’s confused and runs into Susan, who realises they’ve spent the night together and is horrified. She confronts Paul about his motives and, despite her concerns, comes to realise he’s determined to treat Rebecca well this time. Susan apologises to Rebecca, but begins to suspect it’s Rebecca’s reasons she should be concerned about.

Chris he admits he doesn’t trust Patricia when it comes to gambling. She pleads for his trust, saying without it she can’t recover. Sonya is alarmed when Patricia announces she will no longer be attending GA meetings. When she relays the news to Chris, he begs Sonya to help him figure out how to approach the problem. Sonya reluctantly agrees, cancelling time alone with Toadie to be there for Chris and Patricia.