Dave and Charlotte take India to a country house for her birthday surprise – it’s a Murder Mystery event. Tension is obvious as Josh makes an unwelcome appearance and things get worse when Olly and Ste fall out over Amy.

Calvin tries to put the anonymous death threats he’s been receiving out of his mind to focus on marrying Carmel. But then there’s the matter of the missing gun, stolen from The Loft’s safe. Plus Sasha is still refusing to attend the wedding. Hoping to find out who’s taken the gun, Calvin watches CCTV tapes of The Loft. With the wedding just hours away, and a death threat hanging over Calvin, he needs to find the gun.

Cheryl detects friction between Malachy and Kris and is stunned to find out Mercedes has been sleeping with Calvin. As Cheryl reels at the injustice, Malachy tells her not to worry – as Calvin’s Best Man, he’s about to become Calvin’s worst nightmare.

Also, at the McQueens’, Jacqui tires of Mercedes’ sourness over Carmel’s wedding, Mercedes blows up saying Calvin isn’t a match made in heaven, as she’s been bedding him behind her sister’s back! Enraged, Jacqui goes after Calvin, but he calls her bluff and she warns Calvin that he’s going to get what’s coming to him.

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