Daniel and Imogen head back to “the scene of the crime” only to find that Forrest has gone. Imogen researches the pills she’s stolen from Forrest and discovers they are illegal peptides. The next morning Imogen heads home to face Josh, who’s furious – he’s got a huge debt and a sick baby on the way – he needs this job! Josh goes to Amber to tell her he won’t be able to support her financially, before telling Imogen she is dead to him.

Lauren’s concerned when Amber tells her she’s thinking of dropping out of uni, but Lauren argues that Amber needs to postpone the decision until they get a firm diagnosis of CDH. She reminds Amber that Josh has said he’ll help out with money, but when she tells him she will accept his offer of financial assistance, she’s unaware that Josh is no longer in a position to help.

Susan and Karl tell Sonya and Toadie to work together to tackle Nell’s behaviour. But they realise they need to take their own advice, when it comes to dealing with Tyler, whose slovenly habits around the house are becoming difficult to live with.