In the wake of his confrontation with Chris, Imogen walks in on Josh throwing up and is quickly aware how tenuous his state of mind is. Later, Josh announces he no longer wants them to fight a jail sentence for him. Returning home, Imogen tells their mother and seeing her distress, Terese promises they will find a way to fix things.

Matt asks Amber to come for dinner to enjoy some home comforts. But as Paige, Bailey, Matt and Lauren banter over an early call from Lou in Cambodia that Amber missed, her feelings of alienation grow. Back at the campsite, Amber finds herself alone and, as masked assailants attack the car, she may be in grave danger.

Sensing Brad’s pain at having lost Paige to the Turner household, Terese attempts to bridge the gap by inviting Paige over for lunch. But she quickly realises Paige is holding a grudge. Terese is at a loss, until Imogen arrives home with some shocking news, prompting Terese to reassert her love for her family.