Josh makes a move on Amber

Josh confesses to Amber that he’s scared he’ll never connect with his daughter if he doesn’t go to Brisbane with them. Amber agrees and thinks it’s a great idea. Yet things go sour when Josh kisses her.

Toadie and Steph are on cloud nine after Toadie’s surgery success and, later, Belinda asks Steph for another chance. However, Steph makes it clear their relationship is over, leaving Belinda furious. With her feelings hurt, Belinda later tells Sonya that the only reason Steph won’t give her another chance is because she’s in love with Toadie!

Dimato is Paul’s new investor and Paul does everything possible to prevent Amy finding out. Thinking he’s covered his tracks, Paul is shocked when Daniel tells him he spotted him with the dangerous criminal. Fuming with Daniel for his betrayal, he shuts him out of his life for good. Later, Paul receives a text from Dimato and it’s clear that he’s in over his head.

Also, Lou is horrified when his holiday fling, Rochelle, turns up on his doorstep with suitcases in tow. So he enlists Sheila to help him get rid of her….