Josh and Imogen are disgusted when Susan tasks Amber with leading initial preparations for the end of year formal. She might be school captain, but that doesn’t make her a worthy leader. That hurt and frustration is further inflamed as sparks fly between Josh and Brad over his true role at the school. Later, Josh and Imogen confront and embarrass Amber at a senior assembly and a frustrated Brad makes a stand… but Josh bites back and quits school.

Paige finds out that Kathy thinks she’s found her granddaughter through a P.I, and her name is Megan. Paige turns up at the meeting and when Kathy goes to the bathroom, Paige exposes Megan to be a fake. Kathy returns, distressed to find Megan has gone and Paige begs her to abandon the search. But Kathy insists her investigation will go on.

Naomi is furious with her mother for interfering, while Sheila is incensed at being castigated for trying to help. Chris finally snaps, issuing Sheila with an ultimatum – put up and shut up, or get out. Sheila sees Kathy and tries to undo her earlier ‘help’, which gets immediate results. Naomi suddenly finds that a mother’s love does have its place as Kathy offers her the job.