Josh proposes to Amy

Mike’s world has been turned upside down after learning his girlfriend and daughter have slept together. Desperate Sarah and Zoe try to explain but he doesn’t want to hear it. The tension boils over and Mike and Sarah have a furious row with Sarah fleeing the room in tears. Sarah and Zoe have a chat which makes Zoe realise just how much she loves Mike. Meanwhile, having spent the night thinking things through, Mike throws a shell-shocked Sarah and Zoe out of the house.

Despite Mike refusing to give his permission, Josh asks Amy to marry him anyway. However, his plans for a romantic proposal go wrong when Suzanne interrupts them, demanding to know what’s going on. Amy is distraught to hear Suzanne tell Josh that she’s not good enough for him. However, Josh finally plucks up the courage to propose and is thrilled when an overjoyed Amy says yes.

After hearing about Sarah and Zoe’s affair, Kris worries his life is getting too dull and enlists Russ and Ravi to join him in doing something flamboyant. During a cocktail soiree, both Ravi and Nancy start to flirt with Kris. Could his life be out to get a bit more interesting?

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